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Is the BMW i3 the future for the car industry?

Great things come in little packages. The all-new i3 is the next big thing, it's great style and innovative technology will exceed most people’s expectations. The i3 is the Bang and Oulfsen of the car industry, great quality and premium feel product that stirs the human senses.


I3 will appeal to a wide age range of discerning customers. Lots of neat exterior detailing

By now any budding car enthusiast would of heard of the new i3 & i8. These two new hybrid electric cars are pushing the boundaries of what an electric should be. The electric car should be an experience, a fun experience!

The first time you sit down and hit that accelerator pedal, the i3 all just starts to make sense. It behaves like a perfect automotive cocktail of all things electronic. It didn't feel shaken nor stirred; the ride was comforting in the shaped seats which formed around you absorbing most bumps and cracks in the road. The interior is amazing! I have never seen materials or shapes like this in a car, with many of the materials being recycled.

Great Interior design - fresh, modern, hi tec with traditional stamp of BMW quaility

The BMW changes my view on an electric car. An electric car doesn't need to be drab and slow, the i3 has plenty of zip and pull with its 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds. However always being around medieval combustion engines, the oddest experience was starting the car up. It was silent.


i3 creates great first impression like Warwick Castle                               Domestic and Heavy charging Cables  in Boot

On quick A-roads, the i3 has very impressive pace with smooth and strong acceleration. Hills are demolished in effortless style, with a seamless supply of torque from the 170bhp rear wheel drive motor. Accompanying me was BMWs genius (AKA walking manual), Liam Goodwin. Liam outlined the technical details about the car, regenerative braking and use of a 647cc engine hidden in the boot that reduces range anxiety. With a full battery and fuel tank the range is between 150-186 miles.


Lithiam Batteries beneath car floor create low centre of gravity            i3 like a B & O TV with technolgy beneath classy exterior


Buying a car like this will be a big step from combustion to EV, however the biggest jump is price ………

Even so, despite being different in every possible way, the i3 is recognisably a real BMW, sharp handling, quick and premium-feeling. With this in mind many will join the revolution and jump on board with the new i3. First impressions of the i3 are lasting impressions. The adjectives to sum up the i3 are numerous and not limited to …, silent, solid, different, relaxed, nippy, agile, exciting, smooth, powerful, go-kart like, futuristic, desirable...........


Door threshold shows hint of Carbon Fibre Monoque Shell                                      Infotainment and Energy Monitoring Centre 

BMW have raised the EV goal posts to a high new level. I rate the car 9/10. A true TOPCAR!

Finally, thanks to Sam Collingwood at BMW- Rybrook, Warwick for providing the i3 Extender for my review.

Topcar facts – i3 Range Extender
• Price: 28,830(after rebate)
• Top speed 93mph
• 170bhp
• 0-62 7.9sec
• Economy 470.8mpg
• CO2 just 13g/km

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