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Gadget Review – New CD slot mount phone or satnav holder is a 5 star product

With more and more IT gadgets being created many end up in the car from telephone, ipod, to sat nav devices. All bring potential clutter and distractions to drivers.  A simple device that provides the answer to keep things in place and the windscreen clutter free is the latest version of the CD slot mount with triple 360° ball holders.
The features of the simple device which costs £14.95 are:-

• Very easy fitting
• Expandable C Clamp holds phone securely in place allowing hands-free calling.
• More discrete and safer than window mounted holders
• Non residue sticky pad takes window sat nav mount 
• CD still plays when mount in use
• Made in the UK and Award winning design

CD Slot Mount fits 9 out of 10 car radios. Shown here with 2 attachments in a Fiat 500

Unlike many gadgets that end up in the back of a drawer gathering dust, the CD slot-mount is really good and likely to be used everyday by drivers. It makes driving much safer and avoids the risk of getting 3 points for using a phone in the car. Simply slipped into the CD slot means it and the attachment such as a phone are in very easy reach. Being close to the driver means that using voice control on most phones is also easy and clear to use.

Phone holder easily rotates and gives access to radio buttons

Gary Smith designed the CD Slot holder when the idea was sparked when his sat nav was stolen from the dash board of his car and he was looking for a less visible place to put it. Gary Smith spent about two years on developing his invention, which is made in the UK. Launched in 2012 the initial sticky pad version CD slot mount has been updated by the smarter  2014 version which gives better access to radio buttons and passenger by the rotating ball mount.

With about 800 million cars in the world and probably 500-600 million that have got CD players the simple idea has potential to tidy up a lot of cars and other vehicles of loose gadgets! In summary - a 5 star simple solution to declutter car windscreens that also avoids the need and temptation of driving with one hand and the other hand on a phone!

To order the new CD Slot Mount click on the image below. 



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