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Thanks to Rybrook, of Hockley Heath in Warwickshire I was given the opportunity to review a Rolls Royce Wraith. Before even stepping inside the Wraith I knew it would be luxurious inside, knowing the “Royce Standards” after watching their recent documentary where a supplier had to have three attempts to fit diamonds to the interior trim to a miniscule tolerance. On opening the suicide doors on the showroom car I was greeted with interior of which I have never seen before. There was wool carpet 2 cm deep, immaculate leather everywhere and the most astonishing little details.

Since 1906 when Rolls Royce was established till 1933 when Henry Royce died, Sir Henry Royce had created memorable quotes, which still lie true to this day.

“Strive for perfection in everything you do, Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it”.

"Accept nothing nearly right or good enough"

Just by looking at the car it is clear to see that the Wraith stays true to Sir Henry’s words. His legacy lives on 81 years later.

On looks alone, I’m blown away. The car is a handcrafted masterpiece, the interior is sublime and the exterior is “sporty” but still a renounced Royce. It is a piece of automobile artwork. Mark Jordan, Sales manager gave me a guided tour around the car, highlighting its key details. The starlight headliner brings even more glamour to the Wraith. 1340-fibre optics are hand sewn into the headliner to create your own star filled sky. Mark outlined this is a very popular option, but comes at a £7000 price tag. Touches like the Chrome bullet tips to the recessed piping on the seat panel enhance the sense of the Wraith is tailored for performance.  The base price for the Wraith is £230,000, with most customers adding around £30,000-£40,000 worth of extras.

Elegent interior, topped out with starlight headliner of any cluster of stars of your choice

On the country roads of Warwickshire the Rolls Royce glides over any imperfections making the roads seem brand new. This gives you more time to marvel at the interior. You notice that there are no compromises or defects in detail, its just truly perfect. There is a seamless blending of modern technology with classic features, such as the organ stop air vent knobs. Drivers and passengers will never deny the enjoyment of tactility of a knob or a switch, Analogue components fuse in with digital ones, and each have their place in the Wraith.

Under the bonnet sits a V12 Monster, which produces beastly figures: 0-62 in 4.6s, 624 BHP, 590 lb-ft etc.… It’s hard to imagine such as big car can whoosh along so easily and smoothly. The Wraith is a car you would rather drive than your chauffeur. It looks a true drivers car.

Potent 6.6L twin turbo-charged V12 engine Wraith is the most powerful Rolls Royce in history

Power is nothing without intelligence. Wraith is the most technologically advanced Rolls Royce yet. It not only see what the driver sees, but anticipates the future.
The satellite-aided transmission uses GPS data and the navigation system to predict the road ahead. It then automatically chooses the right gear from the eight-speed transmission delivering effortless and seamless driving. The only down side is that you get no manual intervention via gear lever or paddles. This might be a down side for those car buffs, but wont bother most.

The boot is surprisingly spacious, 470 L. This would easily store 2-3 golf bags or plenty of luggage for your continental tour.

The Wraith is a great piece of British engineering and design, its lies true with Royce’s famous words, “strive for perfection”. For those who can afford this car, will find it hard to beat such a combination of glamour and speed. Because of this I will give it 4 ¾ stars out of 5. 


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